Articulate Presenter ’13

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Transform slides into online courses.

Create, narrate, and annotate presentation-based courses in PowerPoint with Articulate Presenter ’13.

PowerPoint Authoring

Transform your PowerPoint slides into presentation-based courses. With its newly streamlined user interface, Articulate Presenter ’13 makes it even easier to author online courses, quizzes, and form-based interactions in the familiar PowerPoint environment.


Add photographic and illustrated characters to your course right from the Presenter character library. Choose from up to 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses.

Slide-Level Controls

It’s simple to set slide properties for each slide in your course. In one window, you can create multilevel menus, branch learners based on their choices, identify presenters for each slide or your whole course, and more.


Highlight important content with a range of annotations, including arrows, checkmarks, crosses, rectangles, and spotlights. Then adjust your annotation’s size, color, and animation to make it your own.


Apply animations to animated GIFs, SmartArt, and to text—word-by-word or letter-by-letter. And because Presenter ’13 now supports most of the animations in PowerPoint, you have more ways to bring text and objects to life.

Slide Notes

Your slide notes display exactly as you design them. Presenter preserves all text formatting, paragraph breaks, colors, and even font styles.

Web Objects

Give your learners easy access to the web. Simply embed live web content in your course. It takes just seconds to add visually rich web-based applications, games, videos, reference material, and other web content to your Articulate Presenter course.

Custom Slide Sizes

Go big or small, portrait or landscape. Your choice. Articulate Presenter ’13 supports custom slide sizes.

Multisensory eLearning

Give learners even more reasons to love your course with captivating media, Articulate Engage interactions, Flash content, and screencasts.

Audio and Narration

Add narration and sound to your slides by importing audio, or simply record it right in Presenter, then sync with slides and animations. And with the built-in editor, you can easily edit audio files—just click and drag on a visual of the track.

Export Narration

Make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to listen to your courses. Just export your narration from Presenter to a single MP3 file. Learners and reviewers can play it on any MP3 player, audio device, or smartphone.


Import videos in virtually any format, including those you make in Articulate Replay. You can also record video from your webcam, or easily embed it from websites such as YouTube. Then use the new video editor in Presenter to easily crop and trim your video, adjust the volume, or add a watermark or logo.

Engage Interactions

Capture learner attention with 20 different media-rich interactions. You build them in Articulate Engage by filling out a form, then just add them to your Presenter courses as slides or player tabs.


It takes just a few clicks to add Flash movies and interactive content—including SWF files, FLV files, and Captivate and Camtasia screencasts—to your Presenter course.

Slide Transitions

Presenter supports key slide transitions you build in PowerPoint. So now you can make slides fade, dissolve, zoom, and more.

Richer assessments

Test learners any way you want. Simply add decision-making scenarios, drag-and-drop activities, quizzes, surveys, and interactive assessments from Articulate Quizmaker.

Quizmaker Quizzes

Use Articulate Quizmaker to create quizzes, surveys, and other assessments, including drag-and-drop questions. Then, seamlessly add them to your Presenter courses as slides or player tabs.


Branch learners to the content they need the most. Test them on how they’d handle a scenario, then take them to different slides depending on how they respond.

Richer eLearning experiences

Create a better online learning environment with intuitive navigation and polished player customizations.

Unified Player

All Articulate Studio ’13 products share a unified player. So if you add a Quizmaker assessment or Engage interaction to your course, learners can easily navigate using a single set of controls.

Customizable Player

Frame your course perfectly with a customised player. Use a polished color scheme or create a custom look to match slide content or your brand guidelines. You also have control over player layouts, text labels and language, player controls, and more.

Multilevel Navigation

Group your slides into sections and topics, then display how you’ve organized content in the menu.

Resume Course

Let your learners pick up where they left off, even when courses include Articulate Quizmaker ’13 quizzes and Articulate Engage ’13 interactions.

Multilingual Support

Customise your player for learners around the world. Choose from 28 built-in languages or add your own, thanks to the player’s Unicode and double-byte character support.

Reach more learners

Create your course once, then easily publish it for learners everywhere with just a few clicks.

Publish to Flash, HTML5, and Mobile

Let learners view content wherever they are. Just build your course, then publish it to multiple formats so learners can view it on their desktops, laptops, iPads, and more. Presenter publishes to HTML5, Flash, and the Articulate Mobile Player, a native app that optimizes content for iPads.

Turbo Publishing

We’ve optimized Presenter publishing, so you can publish content up to five times faster.

Publish to Word

Make it easy for subject matter experts and others to review your courses by publishing them to Microsoft Word.

Section 508

Make your courses widely accessible with Presenter’s industry-leading Section 508 support. Now learners with screen readers can easily access your Presenter content.

Tracking and Reporting

Presenter publishes Tin Can API-, SCORM-, and AICC-compliant content so it works seamlessly with learning management systems that support those standards. You can also publish to Articulate Online to cost-effectively track and report on assessment activity.

Section 508

Make it easy for learners around the globe to access your courses. Localize your content with Presenter’s right-to-left language support. Presenter also supports double-byte character sets (DBCS), so you can even translate your courses into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Translation Support

Localize your course player for learners everywhere. Export player elements—such as slide titles, navigation buttons, and player tabs—to Microsoft Word or XML format. After you’ve translated the text for player elements, simply import it back into Presenter.

Extend Articulate Studio

Share what you know. Learn from others. Add more content. It’s all just a click away.

Articulate Community

Get even more from Articulate Studio products by joining the industry’s largest, most active community: E-Learning Heroes. Curated by widely recognized leaders in eLearning, E-Learning Heroes gives you access to ready-to-use, beautifully designed templates—for free. Watch tutorials and get practical tips, free downloads, expert advice, and more. Join user discussion groups to learn about best practices, shortcuts, and tips for building the ultimate eLearning course.

Template Sharing

Save your Studio project as a template, then share it with the Articulate community. Or, email the template to team members, helping standardize course design across your organization.

Character Packs

Build your Studio character library with additional photographic character packs featuring a range of ethnicities, ages, and clothing. You can use each additional pack you buy with both your Studio and Storyline products. Each photographic character pack includes standing poses, headshots, and torso crops, so you can quickly find the right look.