Academic Eligibility

Do you qualify?

  • Accredited public or private universities and TAFE institutions that grant qualifications requiring at least two years of full-time study
  • Accredited public and private K-12/P-12 institutions including charter and virtual schools
  • University hospitals, libraries, research laboratories, and museums wholly-owned and operated by the schools above
  • Government Departments of Education, administrative offices, boards of education, and county offices of education
  • Public Libraries
  • Staff and students with appropriate id from qualifying institutions
  • Non-accredited schools
  • Hospitals not wholly owned and operated by an educational institution
  • Religious organizations that are not accredited schools
  • Federal, state, and local government organisations
  • Military academies that do not offer an academic degree
  • National laboratories
  • Training centres or schools that grant certificates for training across various disciplines
  • Institutions using the license for any commercial purpose

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