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Quality customised Employee, Contractor and Visitor Inductions

Induction training

Help your employees, contractors and visitors belong and be productive from the beginning with our custom induction training.

Online induction training provides employees and contractors with consistent basic information about the employer and site location, their responsibilities, employer expectations, and the knowledge required to perform their job satisfactorily and safely. It can also provide meaningful and justified proof of meeting compliance requirements.

Induction training can be delivered for group or self-paced format.

Employee Induction

The key to successful ‘new employee’ training is to create an organised, structured and informative induction program to set the employee up for success in their new role. This creates a professional impression of the company and a management style is created.

Accurate induction information helps to answer questions the employee may have about their role or the company. The employee will feel welcomed, clear expectations are established and good work habits are quickly instilled.

The induction may include but not be limited to:

  • The company policies and organisation structure
  • Job, department and company goals and objectives
  • All aspects of the employment relationship
  • Available channels of communication
  • The layout of the work place

Contractor Induction

Contractor inductions generally focus on the safety rules and proper working practices for contractors and the general rules of conduct and work etiquette required for contractors working on the employer’s site.

Visitor Induction

Visitor inductions generally focus on safety and emergency rules while visiting the site.

How we work with you

With over 15 years experience and countless induction builds for clients in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we will have the custom solution for you. We work closely with our customers to develop our induction program solutions. We bring our professionalism, experience, e-learning expertise, instructional design, technology and programming skills and combine this with your expertise in your subject matter.
The result is a targeted, relevant and engaging induction program for your employees, contractors or visitors.
Each project receives a dedicated project manager and a clear project plan outlining all deliverables. Our focus has always been customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves for having never missed a customer's deadline.

Induction features

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