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Looking for eLearning developers?
eLearning is what we do best

Since 1998 we have worked with many Asia Pacific companies to create engaging, custom built eLearning courses using the latest available tools on every imaginable topic.

Custom eLearning

We tailor all eLearning solutions to meet our customers’ expectations, target audience and budget. We have extensive knowledge in the principles of adult learning and consider these learning theories when developing structure, learning outcomes and interaction in our eLearning solutions. We understand that individuals learn differently and so apply activities to appeal to all learning styles, catering for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learners.

eLearning Bites

Do you have a small project with just a few content pages, resources and assessments questions that you’d like to get online? We call these eLearning Bites. These are rapidly developed for our clients at low cost.

Authoring tools

Want to build or maintain eLearning courses yourself? We sell world class authoring tools including Articulate Storyline 3, Articulate Studio and 15,000+ templates.

Our approach

We ensure the learning is educationally engaging, leads to genuine knowledge transfer and improves performance in the workplace. This means we:

  • focus on what matters
  • use case studies and stories
  • practice and check understanding
  • know the target audience
  • cater for all learning styles

Multiple devices

Today eLearning needs to be accessible everywhere: desktop, tablet, smartphone. So it makes sense to build it once to work on all devices. Simple.