Package #1: Cutout People – by ELearning Brothers

//Package #1: Cutout People – by ELearning Brothers

Package #1: Cutout People – by ELearning Brothers

$380.25 inc GST

Give your course personality and life!

Note: The price is for an annual subscription per designer.

This packages includes:

  • Cutout People Package

1,000’s of cutout people images with multiple emotions and poses. Choose a unique character to personalize your course.

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Cutout People Package

Cutout people images are perfect for building scenarios, customer simulations, course guides, and more! Characters have multiple poses and emotions built into Storyline button states. Just insert the character button into your courses and activate the various button states to dynamically show images. Each image has a transparent background. Bonus: There are 1,000’s of additional cutout people images and videos to choose from and insert individually into Storyline.

Here’s a sample: